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Roofs are synonymous with shelter. Being one of the essentials of any home, the best ones do the incredible job of protecting you from harm.When you think about roofs, the one image of reference that comes to your mind is the one that is shaped like an inverted-V. You might have drawn it, described it and seen it over thousands of houses in the UK, but you probably did not know this type of a roof is called a pitched roof.

So, here is everything about what a pitched roof is, what its functions are and why it could be right for you.

What is a pitched roof?

As mentioned above, a pitched roof is a triangular-shaped roof. It has two slopes on each side, which form the said alphabet. Having a vertical rise in the middle called a pitch, this roof continues to be one of the most preferred and observed styles of roofs for centuries.

A pitched roof is ideal for homes located in regions or areas that witness frequent rains or extreme weather conditions. It allows the rainwater to travel downwards quicker than any other roof. This is also another reason why homes with a pitched roof seldom experience a leaky roof. So, it is no surprise that the ancient Greeks used pitched roofs in most of their constructions.

Today, there are many types of pitched roofs recognised in modern architecture. And while TEL Roofings excels in all of them, here are a few most commonly found pitched roofs in our portfolio. Cross-Gabled, Flat Roof, Lean-to, Hip and Cross-Hipped, Mansard, Gambrel.

Advantages Of Using Pitched Roofs

Lasts Longer

These roofs last far longer as compared to other roof styles. With the help of the industry leaders and quality craftsmanship, these are built to be more durable where you can on them for maintenance for a long time.

Maintenance Free

For optimal performance throughout the life, pitched roofs do not require frequent checks and maintenance. They need minimal care and serve you with the best rooftop for a happy living.

Weather Resistant

These roofs can withstand any sort of weather conditions such as heavy rains, snowfalls, bright sunlight and other harsh environments effectively. They keep your home sheltered no matter what the outer atmosphere is.

Great Appearance

With pitched roofs, you really need not worry about design choices, as it offers brilliant designs that blend perfectly well with any home in any location. These always appear to be fantastic, even after several years.

How to start building a pitched roof?

Pitched roofs have stood the test of time for hundreds of years. This type of a roof structure is low on maintenance, has fewer issues and a better lifespan. With the right customisation options, you can build a pitched roof that can sustain through harsh conditions.
A pitched roof extension is yet another brilliant addition to any home. It is an extended slope of a roof over a side room. You can opt for it over those spaces where you require some extra light or simply something unique. They are also an excellent choice when you want to add a personal pitched roof detail to your residence.
While flat roofs are popular among flat owners, independent homeowners are still hesitant about making them their first choice. But they require regular maintenance, so pitched roof is a better option in the long run.
Before you begin building your roof, determine what kind of pitched roof you require. And if you can’t decide between mono pitched roof or a dual pitched roof, take a look at our different pitched roof types to ensure you get value for money.
TEL Roofings is an authorised roofing company in London that offers roof replacements at affordable rates. Our team can incorporate the minutest pitched roof construction details you want in your roof. With free consultation and site visits, we provide you with industry compliant products accompanied by dedicated customer service round the clock.
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