GRP Roofs

What is GRP?

GRP refers to Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is a popularly used material in the UK. Made from polyester resin, GRP is an ideal material for building roofing systems. Builders have been putting their trust in GRP roofing sheets since the forties.

Glass Reinforced Plastic has actually become the first choice of many construction experts because of how it has evolved through the years. The material has become more resilient, which makes it appropriate for heavy-duty tasks. Also known as GRP fiberglass, a long-lasting GRP fiberglass roofing system allows you to protect your family for years.

What is GRP roofing?

GRP roof is a perfect solution to construct waterproof ceilings. A GRP roofing system is incredibly reliable, flexible and durable due to its sturdiness.

GRP roofing is more effective than any other flat roofing systems. Being made from the blend of hardened plastic and strands of fine glass, GRP fiberglass roofing is yet to go out of fashion even after more than 60 years.

At TEL Roofings, we use the cure it GRP roofing kit for all your roofs. With a guarantee of 20 years, this ground-breaking GRP resin formula can combat any climatic conditions head-on. Whether you need a tough solution or wish to get rid of the recurring moisture in your roof, our GRP roofing materials can weatherproof and waterproof any surface.

Incredible advantages offered by GRP Roofs

Seamless and Waterproof

It possesses excellent waterproofing properties, so you need not to worry about your roof during heavy rain. This flawless roofing provides an extraordinary reason to appreciate your home.


GRP Roofing doesn’t require any maintenance for long, but can be refurbished depends on your choice. This requires one time investment and serves you with years of relaxation and satisfaction.

25 Years Guarantee

Our GRP roofing services are protected with guaranteed craftsmanship of 25 years that stand the test of time. We stand by our work offering our worthy customers a relief to stay worry-free under a durable and fit roof.

Array Of Colours Choices

To complement your choice, personality and home exteriors, you can find a variety of colours to choose from. Simple to vibrant, you can get whatever you want that fulfills your requirement.

All-inclusive GRP roofing services

TEL Roofings is among the most well-known construction companies in the UK. We provide you with unequalled GRP roofing solutions across the country. Using high-quality GRP board and GRP flat sheets, we make solid GRP flat roof for your homes that are functional and lasting. But that’s not all. Besides GRP flat roofing, our extensive range of services incorporate GRP roofing trims, GRP dormer and GRP gutter. We also offer GRP slate effect roofing sheets to our customers, so you can add some texture to your home.

Why choose TEL Roofings for your GRP roofing problems?

As our customer, you enjoy more perks than anyone else. Since TEL Roofings is a certified member of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, our customers not only get 20 years of guarantee from cure it but also an additional guarantee of a minimum of 10 years from the association.
We understand that installing a roofing system can be expensive. Being a market leader, we offer GRP roofing at incredibly affordable rates. Our GRP roofing cost is never steeper than the standard.

Moreover, we always ensure you get unmatched and seamless customer service from us. We pay close attention to all the GRP roofing details and do our best to meet expectations. And while we understand that GRP building is a work of art, we deliver every project within the deadlines. Our team at TEL Roofings are industrial roofing experts. We strive to excel at our job, so you can have a comfortable and safe home. Does our work resonate with what you are looking for? We would love to hear from you. Speak to our GRP experts today.

GRP Roofing Contractors

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