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Whether you live in an apartment building or an independent house, you cannot go wrong with a flat roofing system. Most modern homes today incorporate western flat roofing that gives their home an incredibly contemporary look. Moreover, a flat roof house exudes the same radiance as a pitched roof house, which makes it an ideal choice.

TEL Roofings is one of the leading flat roofing contractors in London. With a team full of passion and knowledge to make a desirable change, we have continued to beautify the landscapes of the UK over the past 10 years.

Our services involve considering your needs and going the extra mile to get meet your expectations. We align our flat roofing services to suit your vision.

Complete flat roof repair solutions at competitive rates

When you work with us, we take responsibility of providing you with end-to-end solutions. Our in-house team offers you stunning flat roof designs along with the details of the raw materials we use. We also guarantee an estimation of your flat roof cost in your quote to prevent any bill shocks.

TEL Roofings’ services include flat roof construction, flat roof extension, flat roof insulation, flat roof windows and flat roof skylights. Besides these, we are also mindful about your comfort when building your roof. Therefore, we ensure to pay attention to your flat roof ventilation system, so you can have a mould-free flat roof for years.

We house a team of expert flat roofers, which allows us to cater to all of your flat roof replacement and flat roof repair needs.

Benefits of using Flat Roof

Wind Resistance

Flat roofs offers better wind resistance as compared to an angled surface because of their level contour and seamless covering. With passing time, this property also supports less investment in services and replacement materials.

Solar Panels

For placing solar panels, large and horizontal surfaces are ideal making flat roofs perfect to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight. Solar panels perform effectively on the level surfaces, delivering the best results.

Easy Cleaning

It has a minimal slope which makes it easier to access gutter cleaning and maintenance. This signifies that one can easily perform reliable cleaning tasks without requiring any professional assistance.

Low Cost

Flat roof demands less construction material which results in attaining a perfect roof at genuine prices. Moreover, less construction material can also reduce labour costs and waste removal cost.

We are delighted to inform you that flat roofing is not the only service TEL Roofings offers. From effective pitched roof solutions and fascias and soffits to warm flat roof construction and building flat roof drainage, we are skilled to do it all. Besides, the construction of Flat roof vents and flat roof dormers are a couple of other services we offer to our valuable clients.

TEL Roofings custom manufactures and builds your entire roof tile by tile. Since we don’t limit ourselves to installation and fabrication, our services extend to all flat roof repairs, including flat roof leak repair. And the best part is all our flat roof repair costs are industry-compliant. So, you never pay more than the standard rates.

Commercial and residential flat roof solutions

Flat roofs are multipurpose roofing systems. From domestic to commercial buildings, we offer our flat roof solutions for all kinds of spaces.

What’s more, we take maintenance off your plate. We are equipped to deal with a leaking flat roof equally as well as we are with flat roof waterproofing.

With a plethora of flat roof repair options, we have established TEL Roofings as a full-service flat roof repair company. Our team ensure to obtain all the flat roof construction details from your before commencing any project. This way we eliminate future errors from our work.

Whether you are looking for a rubber flat roof or a simple flat roof system, we would love to hear from you. Talk to professional flat roofers in London and discuss your needs

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