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Incredible Fascias & Soffits For Flawless Roof

Tired of searching for ‘fascias and soffits fitters near me’ only to find unreasonably expensive services? We understand your pain. The market is swarming with roofers who either don’t pay complete attention to your project or are only after your money.

Fortunately, TEL Roofings has an entirely new kind of work culture. We carry out uPVC fascias and soffits installation like never seen before. So, if you are looking for affordable fascias and guttering work for your home, look no further. You have stumbled on the right place.

TEL Roofings is one of the market-leading uPVC fascias and soffits suppliers in London with over a decade’s experience in fascias and soffits. We carry a large inventory of fascias and guttering products that suit any and all budgets and preferences. Whether you are looking for plastic fascias and soffits or wooden ones, when you would take a look at our product catalogue, chances are you might find something that you love.

Fascias and soffits that make your homes strong and beautiful

We love making roofs. What we love the most about our job is that we get the opportunity to beautify your homes with our skills and expertise. But not every roofer thinks like us. Imagine having a roof that does not have fascias and soffits to cover up the concrete underneath it. While it may not seem like a huge deal to a bad roofer, it is an absolute nightmare for us.

When we build your roofing systems, we strive for them to be perfect. Yes, perfection! We never aim lower than that, which is why we use uPVC fascias. While they are plastic, they are not as fragile as a regular pipe. They are rigid, incredibly durable and having been used by us for as long as we can remember. Because uPVC looks gorgeous on any home, it is highly liked by our customers, too.

Also, if you are driving yourself crazy thinking how much does it cost to replace gutters, fascias and soffits, you can stop now. With our cost-effective soffits and fascias, there is no way you can’t afford them for your home’s aesthetics.

Benefits of using Fascias & Soffits

Choice Of Colours

You can easily choose the right and impressive colour from a wonderful and huge range to create a complimenting impression to your exteriors.

Beauty Enhancer

Fascias and soffits act as a functional way contributing towards the beauty of your structure. Also, they provide a decorative touch that perk up the resale value of your property.

Maintains Ventilation

It is the most suitable way to improve the ventilation inside the home, due to supporting proper air circulation. The ventilation reduces mould formation due to condensation.

Prevents Moisture

Quality fascias and soffits keep the moisture away from entering the roofs and attic, which further prevents mold and microbial growth while creating a refreshing area.

Quick Fascias and Soffits installation guide

At TEL Roofings, we prioritise safety. Installing fascias and soffits is a risky task because it is performed a few feet above the ground level. A mere ladder may not do the job, so you would need the right scaffolding to perform the task flawlessly. If you are fixing fascias that are over 20 years old, you must always ensure to remove the old ones before installing the new ones. No matter what your roofer suggests, you must never clad your new fascias over the old ones to avoid confining the moisture inside. Additionally, you need the right tools to carry out the installation process. Your usual toolbox may not do the job correctly. Besides, you would also require experience and skills to install the fascias and soffits. So, if all this is too intimidating to you, why not let TEL Roofings take it off the list? Our team has years of experience in performing even the most challenging roof work within the dedicated time frame.

Wide range of Fascia Boards to choose from

Fascias aren’t just for functionality. They don’t necessarily have to keep the moisture out of your roofs only. Decorative fascias are actually used to enhance the beauty of your home. Even a single fascia board replacement can instantly improve your home’s appearance. And it is even better when you get to choose the fascias board that complements your home without looking out of place. TEL Roofings offers a wide variety of fascia boards, including black fascia boards, timber fascia board, white fascia boards, grey fascia boards, wood fascia boards and brown fascia boards. With TEL Roofings, you never have to settle for anything less than the best.

We take care of your roofs for you

Yes, our soffits and roofline fascias are beautiful. Yes, they are robust and can stand the test of time. And yes, all our roofs come with insurance now. We have always been loyal to our customers and dedicated to every project we take up. Our existing customers have loved us for that. But there is another reason for you to choose TEL Roofings for your next roofing project. When you work with TEL Roofings, you don’t have to pay more to get third party insurance for your roof. We insure it for you. Being a member of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, we offer all our customers with a minimum of 10 years of insurance. Depending on the nature of the project, the insurance period may extend up to 20 years, too. So, the good news for you is, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your roofs. Can’t find a better deal than this? Speak to our expert roofers.

Fascias & Soffits Roofs

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