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Conservatory roofs are more than just decorative pieces for your home. Their functionality transcends imagination. A conservatory roof not only helps block out the harsh weathers, but some also allow you to save big on electricity bills.

TEL Roofings builds reliable conservatory roofs that satisfy your requirements and please your tastes. From replacements to conservatory roof conversion, our team is equipped to offer assistance for all kinds of roofing systems.

Choosing your conservatory roof style

You only install a new conservatory roof once, so it ought to be according to your style and the theme of your home. So, it is always good to have options to choose from. Fortunately, TEL Roofings carries a wide range of conservatory roofs that match all your distinctive needs.

Due to its tiled appearance, you can opt for a solid conservatory roof if you want something that can blend with your existing flat or pitched roof. If you are looking to bask under the sun when it’s extremely cold outside, you can build yourself a glass conservatory roof. Similarly, a warm roof conservatory is great to keep yourselves cosy during winters. And if you are someone who lives for symmetry, you can always go for our signature flat roof conservatory.

Our catalogue also carries plastic conservatory roofs that are another type of sturdy, customisable and lightweight conservatory roofs. With various finishes, these roofs are ideal for those who don’t wish to settle when it comes to features. And if you have a fear of commitment, you can always opt for a conservatory roof shade netting, which allows you to prevent heat without making any permanent or expensive changes.

Benefits Of Using New Roofs

Enhanced Property Value

Getting new roofs bring the best returns on any home improvement investment. It boosts the looks as well as adding real value to your home in an impressive way.

Energy Savings

New Roofs help make your home energy efficient by simply incorporating new technology. It can help you with cost cuttings on your energy bills while managing the temperature effectively.

Manufacturing Warranty

Having a new roof installed will additionally provide you long manufacturer warranty so that you can take advantage of repairs and replacement whenever you feel a need for it.


Often, the old roof starts deteriorating after many years and loses the ability to protect the interiors. A new roof installation helps your home withstand the test of time and prevent foreign particles.

Is a conservatory roof replacement worth the cost?

Want to switch to an energy-efficient roof? Have a conservatory roof repair that you want to get rid of completely? Your reasons may be endless but not enough to actually go for a replacement conservatory roof. Depending on the nature of your repair, new conservatory roof solutions may cost you less than a repair. But you need to be absolutely sure about your decision. You can go for a replacement if your existing roof is older than 20 years and is made of outdated technology. Traditional conservatory roof lacked proper insulation, which gave rise to condensation. Today, roofers recommend an insulated conservatory roof to most homeowners. A new conservatory roof costs just as much as the traditional ones but it has more advantages. For instance, conservatory roof panels emit less heat and maintain a comfortable environment inside your home. Similarly, a replacement may be in order if your conservatory roof is leaking or if you wish to switch to an environmental-friendly option.

Efficient conservatory roof repairs for every budget

If you have been experiencing frequent roof repair problems, you need professional roofing service. Whether you are installing a conservatory roof or have an old leaking conservatory roof, TEL Roofings has a crew of roofers that can do it for you. Our team has garnered years of experience and training to effectively carry out the roof repair work just as well as we can perform the conservatory roof insulation process. With some of the most competitive rates in the market, we are committed to transforming your roofs into durable and beautiful elements of your home. Want to complete your home with sturdy conservatory roofs? Let’s discuss your needs.

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