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  • February 24, 2020

A house is only as good as its roof. So, you need to choose a roof that suits your home’s exterior as well as the weather conditions of your location. When it comes to houses in the UK, pitched roofs are a perfect choice. While there are numerous kinds of pitched roofs in the UK, a hip roof is extremely common in various parts of Europe.

What is a hip roof?

Hip roof construction can be traced back to the oldest buildings in the UK. Rightly so! They are more stable than their counterparts and offer incredible security to your home. The four-sided roof is equal on parallel sides with an adjoining ridge, which allows the hip roof to firmly sit over your ceiling without moving an inch, no matter how intense the storm is. Due to their durability, a hip roof loft conversion is ideal for you if you live in the snowy regions of the UK while the signature slant hip roof design makes getting rid of snow like a walk in the park.   

Another quite common type of roof is a half hip roof. This roof comes with eaves, which prove to be quite resourceful for regions that experience regular rainfall. The half hip roofs let the rainwater slide off of the roof, so you can keep your home free from moisture and mould.

Is a hip to gable roof for you?

If you like to live in a spacious home and don’t mind shaking your money out, a hip to gable roof might just be an ideal choice for you. This type of roof ditches the hip side of the roof and replaces it with a gable, providing you with a larger space in your roof.

While it might to tempting to choose every hip roof loft conversion ideas, it is necessary to select a design that satisfies your geographical and climatic requirements simultaneously. TEL Roofings carries an extensive range of hip roof extension ideas. But that is not the limit of our service. To serve you well, our roofing specialists offer insightful consultation that helps you make the right choice without settling.

Our team helps you customise your hip roof details, so you can have a distinctive roof. Not only that but we also allow you to customise your roof completely. Whether you want to add a hip roof porch to accompany your roof or need a hip roof dormer to enhance the practicality of your roof, TEL Roofings can make it happen for you.

Competitively priced hip roof in London

We understand that a hip roof can be expensive. Due to its complexity, a hip roof not only takes longer to be constructed but also requires years of experience and training. When you work with TEL Roofings, we satisfy both of those requirements.

With over a decade of experience, TEL Roofings has established itself as a roofing industry specialist in London. From flat roofs to pitched roofs, there is no roof we cannot make for you. Our clients not only love our hip roof extensions but also appreciate our dedication and commitment to every project we undertake. And we bring you our expertise at the most competitive rates. So, you have twice more reasons to hire us for your next roofing project.

Want TEL Roofings to make your next hip roof? Give us a call.

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