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For over a decade, TEL Roofings has been one of the largest roofing company in the UK. We have diligently worked to establish ourselves as the most reliable and proficient team of roofers. When you trust us with your project, we ensure to serve you with the utmost commitment. Our ability to pay special attention to even the minutest details allows us to maintain brilliantly high standards for every project we undertake.

Being a local roofer in London, we have garnered a reputation for not only being experts in our field but also delivering all types of roof projects within the dedicated period. Besides, our craftsmanship is only bound to your imagination. When you ask for something, we strive hard to make it happen under one roof.

We are an ethical roof maker in London that prioritises pre-planning roof designs over revisions, helping you save more on every project. Our knowledge about the industry helps us make strong roof structures for every home. We can proudly say that being one of the top roofing firms in London, we simplify your roofing problems for you.

All our services are accompanied by several years of roofing experience and professional customer service. Our team brings attentive individuals and the right skills together to construct roofs that are lasting and reliable. We never compromise on quality.

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TEL Roofings works dedicatedly, keeping in mind the core values of our business activities.

Vision- To become a household name for affordable roofing services.

Mission – To maintain high standards for roofing systems and prioritise customer centrism above all.

Values – TEL Roofings revolves around the core values of Quality, Honesty, Expertise, Innovation and Sustainability.

Skilled Trades People

Skilled Craftsmanship

To uphold our values and ensure the safety of both our team and clients, each of our projects complies to the market standards of quality and safety protocol. Our team of expert roofers works tirelessly and efficiently to cater to your roofing needs. We remain updated with the latest techniques and tools to tackle every challenge that come our way. We plan before implementation, allowing us to significantly eliminate the room for errors.

TEL Roofings has had the pleasure of lending our roofing services to some of the most historic homes in the UK belonging to countless communities. They continue to stand as proof of our expertise and dedication, which we make readily available for every requirement. Since our inception in 2009, we have delivered reliable roofing solutions that have transformed the face of numerous residents and commercial spaces.

We spare no effort to ensure our customers enjoy our roofing services and get our professional yet friendly reception for all their roofing needs every time they choose us.


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Health & Safety

We Follow Strict Health & Safety Policy

The well-being and security of our customers, staff and clients are of extreme significance to every one of the roofing specialists at TEL Roofings. To ensure good health, we make sure safe roofing practices are followed by utilising the help of our in-house group of advisors. Our team follows the latest safety guidelines and regulations to ensure that each of our services is carried out by keeping the welfare of individuals and property in mind. We never compromise and always maintain a safe working environment.

By applying our health and safety policy to each of our offered roofing services, we have successfully managed to hold a brilliant security record with no serious casualties for the past 7 years.